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December 23, 2008

Untitled, originally uploaded by Mr.Bones.

Love it – all about the square.

Larger here.

Between the Lines

December 10, 2008

The story of her life, originally uploaded by risquillo.

Wonderful shot – wonderful subject.

Once upon a Summer

November 18, 2008

summer2, originally uploaded by linus_lohoff.

Summer seems like a long time ago here in the Northern Hemisphere.


November 11, 2008

20081104_Chicago_IL_ElectionNight1258, originally uploaded by Barack Obama.

This is a shot from an official set of photos taken on election night by someone in Obama’s campaign team – go here for the full slideshow. They were posted on Flickr within hours – seemingly without much editorial oversight – and promptly brought Flickr to a near-standstill as people all over the world clambered to get a look at history in the making.

There has already been some insightful stuff written about the shifting nature of the media ecosystem in relation to the Obama campaign and how his team harnessed power of the net – see here for one such example. I think it is fairly safe to say that, post-Obama’08, American politics will never be the same again.

What struck me particularly about this set of images was the solemnity of the occasion. This shot, for example, appears to have been taken after the result was known. It depicts a man who appreciates the magnitude of the role he has just signed up for – not someone cracking open the Champagne. With old-style editorial controls in place, I’m not sure such an interesting aspect of the evening would have cropped up – rather it would have been cropped out or ‘rechronologised’.


August 13, 2008

Rán, originally uploaded by

Looks real to me – works well.  Vignetting helps to draw your eye in, good detail and composition.

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Sea of Maroon

July 19, 2008

sea of maroon

The Sea of Maroon by (nutmeg).

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Too Alive to Sleep

July 10, 2008

Too alive to Sleep, originally uploaded by LetzteSchatten.

Like this one – colourful and exotic. Personally, I spend most of my life in the ‘too dead to wake up’ camp.

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Lonely Seoul

July 2, 2008

lonely seoul

Untitled by Billy Gomez.

One of the nice things about flickr is that there are always good photographers you haven’t run into yet – diamonds in the rough waiting to be found. Billy is one of them.

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June 11, 2008

Stretch, originally uploaded by Miss Aniela.

Going Home

June 2, 2008

going home, originally uploaded by bmacpher08.

Love this pic – worth viewing large.