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Atlantis Solar Transit

May 20, 2009

STS-125 Atlantis Solar Transit (200905120002HQ), originally uploaded by nasa hq photo.

A recent NASA photo – the shuttle is on its way to service Hubble.

Larger here.


In this tightly cropped image, the NASA space shuttle Atlantis is seen in silhouette during solar transit, Tuesday, May 12, 2009, from Florida. This image was made before Atlantis and the crew of STS-125 had grappled the Hubble Space Telescope. Photo Credit: (NASA/Thierry Legault)

Thierry made this image using a solar-filtered Takahashi 5-inch refracting telescope and a Canon 5D Mark II digital camera. Photo Credit: (NASA/Thierry Legault)

You can see more of Thierry’s fine work at:

Orion Nebula

May 26, 2008


Orion Nebula – M42 by Howard Cox.

Larger here.

When I first saw this, I figured it was a Hubble image from space but it is actually the work of a dedicated amateur working from Iowa here on planet Earth! He uses a Canon 40D and some other specialist equipment (including presumably a powerful telescope and various filters) to produce these stunning pictures. This one is a composite:

11 images stacked in PS CS3. Image exposures from 4min – 8minutes. Selective Masking in PS CS3 to avoid overexposure.

Beautiful stuff – the mind boggles at the ingenuity of some people.

Flight Path

May 19, 2008

JAI227, originally uploaded by jpro747.

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The Matter Myth

April 28, 2008

Frilled with Light, originally uploaded by Reciprocity.

Another object of wonder from Reciprocity.

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For new viewers: These are refraction patterns or ‘caustics’ formed by a light beam passing through a shaped and textured plastic form. The pattern is captured directly on to 35mm film by removing the camera lens and putting the transparent object in its place. The processed film is digitally scanned for uploading. Please note these are not computer generated images but a true analogue of the way light is refracted by the objects I create.


April 3, 2008

Into the darkness, originally uploaded by Rune T.

Great use of a tripod – 1.5 sec exposure.

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March 27, 2008

Bucky’s dream, originally uploaded by IrenaS.

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Tag search ‘surreal’. A lovely shot using an infrared filter. It is of a geodesic dome designed by the brilliant Buckminster Fuller for the Montreal Expo ’67.

More on Bucky, as he was known, here.

The Big Apple

March 12, 2008

the big apple

Art, Technology, Commerce by Thomas Hawk.

I haven’t been to Apple’s flagship store in Manhattan but it is, by all accounts, definitely worth a visit. And this is the best shot I have seen of it – wonderful perspective and composition.

Worth viewing large here.


March 10, 2008


Watchmaker by Shawn Shawhan.

Larger here.  Nice colours, shapes and shadows.

Flying Machine

February 12, 2008

the unexpected… ♫, originally uploaded by bocavermelha-l.b..

Hard to believe that natural selection alone could come up with something so wonderfully complex and perfect. In fact, evolution has done such a good job with flight that aeronautical engineers are still learning from our avian cousins. This from a report on research at the University of Michigan.

“A Blackbird jet flying nearly 2,000 miles per hour covers 32 body lengths per second. But a common pigeon flying at 50 miles per hour covers 75.

The roll rate of the aerobatic A-4 Skyhawk plane is about 720 degrees per second. The roll rate of a barn swallow exceeds 5,000 degrees per second.

Select military aircraft can withstand gravitational forces of 8-10 G. Many birds routinely experience positive G-forces greater than 10 G and up to 14 G.”

Thanks to John for the link and outquote.


February 7, 2008

Matrix, originally uploaded by Reciprocity.

More from the wonderful reciprocity.

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For those not familiar with my work: These are analog images of the refraction patterns of light passing through formed and shaped transparent plastics. The patterns are exposed directly on to 35mm negative colour film and the resulting print scanned for uploading to flickr.I do not use PhotoShop, only Picasa for minor adjustments.