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Band on the Run

April 9, 2008

Dad and the Beatles, originally uploaded by Tjflex2.

Larger here. There’s George in the foreground, God rest his soul.

Tag search ‘riot’. The Beatles got into a lot of trouble because of John Lennon’s comment about them being more popular than Jesus. It was the kind of thing that Andy Warhol might have said and got away with.


The Beatles 1964 Tour, Vancouver BC Canada.

My father was one of the RCMP police escorts. He drove two of them to the airport to get them away from the riot. In the back of his car was Paul, but he can’t remember who the other one was.*

*That’s shorthand for Ringo.

Social Notes

March 20, 2008

social notes

Social Notes by Ian MacEachern.

I’m trying to figure out when Ian’s pictures were taken. I think the majority were taken in Canada in the 1950s or 1960s. It’s difficult to pin down because his images have a timeless quality to them. This one perhaps has too much dodging or burning – the area around the man is too light in comparison to the rest of the frame – but it was a scan from an old print that has been retouched to provide some punch and I think that, all in all, it is a realy nice image.

Foundry Worker

March 20, 2008

foundry worker

Foundry Worker #1 by Ian MacEachern.

Another lovely portrait from Ian. Great lighting, contrast and composition. Taken with a Nikon film SLR, Kodak TRI-X Pan and a 50mm f1.4 lens.

Film is slowly starting to die out. Polaroid recently announced that it will no longer be producing film for its cameras. The company ceased production of its famous instant cameras about a year ago because the game had moved on so significantly. Having pictures in an instant is no longer the USP it once was – in the digital age, immediacy is the accepted norm.

How long will it be before the 35mm format follows suit and becomes confined to the history books? Five years perhaps? Or ten? Images like this make you wonder why we don’t keep our options open for a while longer.

Larger here.

Boy with a Bottle

March 20, 2008

boy with bottle

Boy With A Bottle by Ian MacEachern.

Lovely image – somewhat reminiscent of Henri Cartier-Bresson’s image of a boy carrying wine bottles.


February 14, 2008


1938 Buick and Golden Gate Bridge by Dmitry Popov.

More time travel from Dmitry. This was actually taken in 2003 but everything looks authentic – right down to the newspaper.

Larger here.

From Russia with Love

February 14, 2008

from russian with love

Russian project by Dmitry Popov.

Dmitry stages all of his shots like film sets, using models, vintage cars and clothes. I like his work a lot – well put together and eye catching.

See more of his work here.

The Calm before the Storm

December 8, 2007

James Robert Beveridge, originally uploaded by Scott Beveridge.

Taken in 1940 – shortly before these two embarked on the Queen Elizabeth for Europe – one of the few ships that could outrun the German U-Boats.

Larger here.

Leaving IBM

December 7, 2007

new beginning, originally uploaded by fubuki.

It was the cap that sold this to me:

Life, you fantastic bastard, I love you.

Saturday afternoon, I was married to my beautiful lover.

Tuesday morning, I was laid off my job.

This has been the best week of my life.


December 6, 2007


Thundebird by Dmitry Popov.

Another one from Dmitry.  Most of his images involve beautiful cars and women.  Well, why not!

The Lady and the Bicycle

December 6, 2007

the lady and the bicycle

The Lady and the Bicycle by Dmitry Popov.

Larger here.

I have featured Dmitry’s work before. His images are like film sets. He constructs these little vignettes based on what might be described as a romantic view of America’s golden age – that period in between the end of WWII and the assassination of JFK.

There’s something about it that I like – the execution and attention to detail make Dmitry’s work an excellent example of this genre of photography.