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Atlantis Solar Transit

May 20, 2009

STS-125 Atlantis Solar Transit (200905120002HQ), originally uploaded by nasa hq photo.

A recent NASA photo – the shuttle is on its way to service Hubble.

Larger here.


In this tightly cropped image, the NASA space shuttle Atlantis is seen in silhouette during solar transit, Tuesday, May 12, 2009, from Florida. This image was made before Atlantis and the crew of STS-125 had grappled the Hubble Space Telescope. Photo Credit: (NASA/Thierry Legault)

Thierry made this image using a solar-filtered Takahashi 5-inch refracting telescope and a Canon 5D Mark II digital camera. Photo Credit: (NASA/Thierry Legault)

You can see more of Thierry’s fine work at:

Witness to Time

May 20, 2009

Witness-to-time, originally uploaded by mix’s.

It has been months since I last posted anything.  I am going to try to get back into the habit again!  This is Monument Valley, Utah – shot from an aircraft.

Larger here.


November 19, 2008

Beachlife 2, originally uploaded by cycle.nut66.

Nice idea – like the horizontal lines.

Larger here.

Pigeon Point Lighthouse

November 18, 2008

Pigeon Point Lighthouse, originally uploaded by PhotoBud.\

Nice shot – larger here.


The Pigeon Point Lighthouse with its fresnel lens lit. In this yearly ceremony, they turn on the light for 5 minutes and let it stay stationary – the beams reaching out into the night sky. After that, the light will slowly turn for two hours until they shut it off.

By Jupiter

August 29, 2008

Jupiter, originally uploaded by Laura Travels.

Big Country

August 13, 2008

Ultima luce, originally uploaded by giancarlo rado.

Nice sense of perspective – larger here.


August 13, 2008

Rán, originally uploaded by

Looks real to me – works well.  Vignetting helps to draw your eye in, good detail and composition.

Larger here.


July 19, 2008

Submerged, originally uploaded by utdesertduo.

Nice shot – worth viewing large.

Dance of the Dolphins

June 13, 2008

dance of the dolphins, originally uploaded by Farl.


June 12, 2008

Free style, originally uploaded by Melville B..

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