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December 23, 2008

Underworld // Brixton Academy 01/11/08, originally uploaded by Danny North.

Great music pic – Underworld playing at Brixton Academy.

Larger here.

Music Man

April 24, 2008

music man

Israel Cachao Lopez by Frederic Pascual.

Lovely work – captures the spirit of the performance.

Larger here.

Band on the Run

April 9, 2008

Dad and the Beatles, originally uploaded by Tjflex2.

Larger here. There’s George in the foreground, God rest his soul.

Tag search ‘riot’. The Beatles got into a lot of trouble because of John Lennon’s comment about them being more popular than Jesus. It was the kind of thing that Andy Warhol might have said and got away with.


The Beatles 1964 Tour, Vancouver BC Canada.

My father was one of the RCMP police escorts. He drove two of them to the airport to get them away from the riot. In the back of his car was Paul, but he can’t remember who the other one was.*

*That’s shorthand for Ringo.


April 5, 2008

Peter Doherty, originally uploaded by Guy Eppel.

Nice pic. This is the third photo I have posted on Picture Post of Doherty. No particular reason – musically, I prefer The Who or the Super Furry Animals or any number of bands. But Doherty is enigmatic and comes out well on film. I actually went searching for pictures of Morrissey but this one caught my eye. Guy Eppel is an accomplished music photographer.

Live at the 100 Club

March 12, 2008

Live at the 100 club – london, originally uploaded by _QuiDam EsPELeTia__.

I thought this was a nice, original gig photo, focusing on an isolated aspect of the performance that most people would miss.


January 3, 2008


In a Life Time by Giona e la balena.

Larger here.

I love this shot – wonderfully lit and precisely rendered, a snatched moment of a boy connecting with his dreams.

The Long and Winding Road

January 2, 2008

the long and winding road

Urbanidades #51 by Nana Sousa Dias.

One of the many Beatles songs that I really love.  Here for a trip down memory lane.

Street Music

October 23, 2007

street music

Street Music by Rui Palha.

Larger here.


October 19, 2007

Hiromi, originally uploaded by Belltown.

Lovely pic. Slightly larger here.

Wiki entry for Hiromi Uehara here.

Cloud Control

October 11, 2007


Cloud Control by wiredjazz.

Tag search ‘sydney’ as in Sydney Australia.

Nice pic – apparently a spur of the moment thing. Cloud Control is the name of the band. I quite like their vibe – lots of interesting influences going on. Here for their MySpace homepage. Particularly like ‘Into the Line’ – Stone Roses meets sixties San Francisco with a bit of Richard Ashcroft thrown in for good measure…