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December 23, 2008

Untitled, originally uploaded by Mr.Bones.

Love it – all about the square.

Larger here.

Between the Lines

December 10, 2008

The story of her life, originally uploaded by risquillo.

Wonderful shot – wonderful subject.


December 10, 2008

Piggy, originally uploaded by Hawklight.

Great dog portrait.

Shadow City

December 6, 2008

shadow city

Untitled by Brett Walker.

Another lovely image from Brett.  I don’t know where this is – a complete guess would be San Francisco.

Worth a look at a larger version here.

Platform 10A

November 19, 2008

Platform 10A, originally uploaded by manganite.

Nice feel to this one – great composition too.


November 11, 2008

Tripping the Light Fantastic (RAW Redux), originally uploaded by Steiner62 (An Animal & his Anima).

Hagener Papua New Guinea

October 20, 2008

Hagener Papua New Guinea, originally uploaded by Eric Lafforgue.

Larger here.


October 20, 2008


Untitled by Brett Walker.

Thankfully, not all kittens are cute.


October 19, 2008

Untitled, originally uploaded by John Gladdy.

A lovely portrait – intense.  Like the crop too.

Silent Light

August 13, 2008

silent light, originally uploaded by original_ann.

This works because of the highlights on the main subject and the general ambiance.