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December 10, 2008

Piggy, originally uploaded by Hawklight.

Great dog portrait.


October 20, 2008


Untitled by Brett Walker.

Thankfully, not all kittens are cute.

Dance of the Dolphins

June 13, 2008

dance of the dolphins, originally uploaded by Farl.

Charcutería Dorita

May 26, 2008

Charcutería Dorita, originally uploaded by karramarro.

A nice slice of life.

Larger here.

Rupert gets Vertical

May 11, 2008

Rupert Gets Vertical, originally uploaded by Steve Collins Photography.

Larger here.

New Consumers

April 30, 2008

No pressure … {}, originally uploaded by dotlyc.

There are growing numbers of new consumers everywhere – and not all of them are human!

Larger here.

Wild Thing

April 27, 2008

Wild Thing!, originally uploaded by The Pack.

Just thought this one was funny.

Dark Horse

April 26, 2008

[ Breakthrough ], originally uploaded by Rashed Ben Sultan Al Ben Ali – AKA TaaJ!.

Untouched and taken with a relatively basic digital camera – nice work.

Arctic Wolf

April 26, 2008

F u r r i n e s s !, originally uploaded by imapix.

What a beautiful creature.  Larger here.

Tent Pegger

April 23, 2008

tent pegger

Tent Pegger by Nadeem Khawar.

Nice action shot.