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By Jupiter

August 29, 2008

Jupiter, originally uploaded by Laura Travels.

Almost Lost Detroit

August 14, 2008

detroit waltz, originally uploaded by g. s. george.

Would be nice to see this bigger. It’s a shot of modern day Lee Plaza Apartments in Detroit, Michigan. A family friend spent some time in Detroit recently and he said it was a bit like being in a town after it had been bombed. This grand piano has certainly seen better days.

Big Country

August 13, 2008

Ultima luce, originally uploaded by giancarlo rado.

Nice sense of perspective – larger here.

Silent Light

August 13, 2008

silent light, originally uploaded by original_ann.

This works because of the highlights on the main subject and the general ambiance.


August 13, 2008

Rán, originally uploaded by

Looks real to me – works well.  Vignetting helps to draw your eye in, good detail and composition.

Larger here.