Pout, originally uploaded by orangeacid.

Larger here.

9 Responses to “Pout”

  1. natalion Says:

    Hehe this is me =]

  2. picturepost Says:

    Nice to meet you! 🙂

  3. natalion Says:

    Hehe and you!

    I dont normally look like a fish by the way =]

  4. natalion Says:

    well, actually, i guess you would say I look more like a duck really ^^

  5. picturepost Says:

    A mighty cute duck! 😉

  6. natalion Says:

    Hehe, so how come this is here? =]

  7. picturepost Says:


    I just post pics from flickr and other photo sites and I ran into this one recently and liked it! Lovely eyes btw.

  8. natalion Says:

    oh cool! =]


    do you have flickr yourself?

  9. Mikomi Says:

    Cute, really. I love her eyes. The color is endless. The only thing throwing me off is the rumple on her chin. Seems strange. Still, those eyes…

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