Flying Machine

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Hard to believe that natural selection alone could come up with something so wonderfully complex and perfect. In fact, evolution has done such a good job with flight that aeronautical engineers are still learning from our avian cousins. This from a report on research at the University of Michigan.

“A Blackbird jet flying nearly 2,000 miles per hour covers 32 body lengths per second. But a common pigeon flying at 50 miles per hour covers 75.

The roll rate of the aerobatic A-4 Skyhawk plane is about 720 degrees per second. The roll rate of a barn swallow exceeds 5,000 degrees per second.

Select military aircraft can withstand gravitational forces of 8-10 G. Many birds routinely experience positive G-forces greater than 10 G and up to 14 G.”

Thanks to John for the link and outquote.

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  1. ??? Says:

    You are comparing apples to oranges.

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