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February 28, 2008

agents, originally uploaded by TommyOshima.

Larger here.

Above and Below

February 28, 2008

Sometimes above is below, originally uploaded by gullevek.

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Screaming Camel Stuck in River

February 27, 2008

screaming camel stuck in river

Screaming Camel Stuck in River by Robert Reinlund.

Funny title – made me smirk. Great pic too – taken in Eritrea. The herdsman looks pretty stressed!

Children in Wales

February 27, 2008

children in wales

Children in Wales by Ian MacEachern.

Great composition and vantage point.


February 26, 2008


Boylston Street, Boston by Toshio Tamaki.

Lovely ‘slice of life’ shot, as someone commenting on the original post described it.


February 26, 2008


Istanbul, Beyoglu by Kemal Kestelli.

Larger here.

It’s difficult to critique some photos, or to say why they stand out. Sometimes, it’s about an ephemeral moment that the photographer is trying to communicate. It’s not to do with technique or compositional elements – it’s all about the mood.


February 26, 2008


Untitled by Tomasz Dubinski.

Great shot. Tomasz has really captured the moment well and it’s a lovely composition. I especially like the way he has used the water to reflect aspects of the composition, including the contrail and the tree. I also like the contrast between the frosty foreground and the sunburst horizon.


February 25, 2008

Chambered nautilus, originally uploaded by Erin_T.

Nicely done.

I remember first seeing these chambered nautilus shells used as the inspiration for still life compositions by Edward Weston, one of the great American photographers of the 20th Century.

More on Weston from wiki here.

And see Weston’s most popular nautilus image here. A 1927 original signed print of this image (entitled ‘Nautilus’) was recently sold at Sothebey’s in New York for more than a million dollars.

Shadow Dance

February 25, 2008

shadow dance

As Yet by Marcus Down.

Suicide in Two Dimensions

February 22, 2008

en attendant d’avoir des balles…., by Monkeyman (Pierre).