Red Trillium

To a so kind flower! / À une si gentille fleur!, originally uploaded by denis collette.

Nice macro shot – well composed.

Wiki has this on the Red Trillium:

The Wake-robin, also known as the red trillium, purple trillium, Beth root or Stinking Benjamin, Trillium erectum, is a spring-flowering perennial plant native to the east and north-eastern areas of North America. The flowers are a deep red colour, and the plant takes its name Wake-robin by analogy with the Robin, which has a red breast that heralds spring.

This plant grows to about 40 cm in height with a spread of 30 cm and can tolerate extreme cold in winter, surviving temperatures down to -35 C. The flowers have the smell of rotting meat, as they are pollinated by flies. The leaves contain calcium oxalate crystals and crystal raphides, and should not be consumed by humans.

Not the ideal gift for someone you love then.

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