The Librarian

the librarian

Day 106 – I am a librarian by cindiann.

Larger here.

I think this is a really lovely self portrait – original and eye-catching. I immediately began to wonder whether the books were hand selected or simply a random pile of returns. It turns out they are some of her personal favourites. I like the juxtaposition of her head on top of the books. Being a librarian has traditionally been regarded as a bit of a dull thing to be. This image, however, redresses that stereotype. Here, the librarian is cast as a custodian of dreams, as someone who witnesses and relishes the spread of knowledge and inspiration through the books she looks after.  Or perhaps it’s just a picture of a woman resting her head on a load of old books…

2 Responses to “The Librarian”

  1. BM Says:

    It is symbolic of an intimate relationship and a loving relationship. It recalls the pregnancy. It said the attention of booksellers. Yes, it’s beautiful self-portrait and beyond…

  2. Phil Bradley Says:

    It’s a great portrait but it also unfortunately reinforces the stereotypical belief that all librarians deal with books. This is simply not the case in this day and age as the profession has moved far beyond that; as a ‘statement of the profession’ I think it fails badly – though of course it’s somewhat unfair to say that since I don’t know what the photographer had in mind. As in image in and of itself it’s delightful.

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