A Homage to Edgerton

Child’s Play, originally uploaded by spyzter.

Crayons being hit with a .22 caliber slug in a ballistics test.

I posted an image like this some time ago but the link went bad so I thought I’d post a similar image.

This from a Web site I found with some info on Edgerton:

Dr. Harold E. Edgerton, professor at MIT and inventor of the electronic flash, devoted his career to recording what the unaided eye cannot see. His photographs illustrate such moments as: a bullet seen the instant it explodes through an apple, a perfect coronet formed by a milk-drop splash, and a football dented by the contact of Wes Fesler’s booted foot. These images have become classics of modern art and science.

Dr. Edgerton was the first to take high-speed color photographs and was a pioneer of multiflash and microsecond imagery, which he used to take detailed photographs of hummingbirds in motion, as well as the progression of athletes’ movements. These wondrous images have shown us things we were never able to see before, in photographs that are as remarkable for their precision as for their beauty.

Here is one of Edgerton’s most famous images – the one that most captured my imagination when I was a child.

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