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Garage Portrait

December 31, 2007
garage portrait, originally uploaded by kelco.
This guy is good – recommend a visit to his photostream.



December 31, 2007


Tora by Kelco.

Winter Glamour

December 31, 2007

Winter Glamour, originally uploaded by Proverbs 31:10.



December 31, 2007


Silver Glove by Harry Eggens.

Larger here.


December 30, 2007


Day 11 by Dubstyle.

Someone commenting has pointed out that this is a composite – one shot of the bed and one shot of the man (taken from above).  Neat trick.


December 30, 2007


Lemon Split by Willy Volk.

Larger here.

I am a member of the ‘Jaws generation’ so sharks scare the hell out of me – even small ones like this.


December 30, 2007


The Great Gig in the Sky by Cyan Pixel.

A lovely piece of work, makes me feel like experimenting with photo-montage.

Larger here.

Snow Heart

December 24, 2007

snow heart
A Snow Heart For You 🙂 xoxox, originally uploaded by janoid.

East of Java

December 24, 2007

east of java

The Wild East of Java 2 by Kenvin Pinardy.

Kohelian Toreifi

December 23, 2007

kohelian toreifi

Koheilan Toreifi by Wojtek Kwiatkowski.

Larger here.

Another beautiful image by Wojtek Kwiatkoski. He ‘mottles’ out the background to create a more striking, painterly composition. I love his work and it seems I’m not alone. His pictures of horses have ranked amongst the most popular on Picture Post over the last six months.

More of his work here.