Seven Sisters


Seven Sisters Cliffs by darkenergy777.

Seven Sisters Cliffs – taken from Cuckmere Haven, East Sussex. Not to be confused with the white cliffs of Dover.

Some of this guy’s stuff is great – difficult to blog because he has it all locked down. I have done a screen grab of this because I think it’s worth it.

It’s beautifully exposed – everything is as it should be, from top to bottom. I am guessing that meant a fair amount of dodging and burning in Photoshop – something I need to learn more about. Once upon a time, you would have had to have been a ‘master printer’ to create finished results like this. Technology has lowered the bar significantly.

The original image was taken on a medium format film camera (Mamiya RB67 with 50mm lens).

More of the author’s flickr stuff here. And he also sells fine art prints on his personal Web site.

I really must start collecting photography – this stuff belongs on walls more than it does on screen.

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