Gale Force

“Another day, another gale”, originally uploaded by Today is a good day.

Larger here.

Great shot – I am pleased to experience this vicariously. I have had a deep suspicion of stormy seas ever since, as a child, I was stuck on a ferry in the North Sea in a Force 11 gale. My mother was too ill and traumatised to look after me for much of the journey so I had to brave it out alone. The crossing was meant to take 8 hours but wound up taking 16. For at least half of that time, I thought we were going to die. And I wasn’t the only one — the fear was palpable. When we eventually reached dry land in one piece, I vowed to stay on it as much as possible!

[Today I am showcasing the work of Ken Douglas, aka Today is a good day. He has a wonderful eye and sense of presence. Check out a slideshow of some of his best work here.]

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