tutu, originally uploaded by TommyOshima.

Taken using a Noctilux lens – one of the world’s fastest lenses and ideal for low-light conditions. For this pic, it was fitted to an Epson RD-1, which was the world’s first digital rangefinder camera.

Unlike SLR cameras, rangefinder cameras are exquisitely simple pieces of engineering. Most importantly, they do not have clunky mirrors to move out of the way every time you take a picture. This makes for sharper images because there is far less movement going on inside the camera during exposure. It also makes for more instantaneous, ‘decisive moment’ photos – as soon as you press the button the shutter opens. Moreover, rangefinder cameras are less obtrusive – both physically and in terms of noise – than SLR cameras. For these reasons, they were championed by the likes of Henri Cartier-Bresson, a co-founder of the famous (and quite brilliant) Magnum photo agency.

In terms of digital rangefinder photography, Leica has now taken up the gauntlet from Epson with the Leica M8. Along with a Noctilux, an M8 is the first thing I would buy if I won the lottery!

Apologies for that unforgivable outburst of trainspotting nonsense.

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