The Wall

Tiny People, originally uploaded by Tal Bright.


This is the wall built by Israel in Abu Dis, an Arab a neighbourhood in East Jerusalem. It divides Abu Dis into two. The wall is a “sophisticated” means of occupying land from Palestinians.

A person living on one side of the wall cannot move to the other side to go to work or school, to visit friends or family, to go to the doctor or just to take a trip somewhere when they feel like it.

In order to do any of these ordinary things they need to get a permit from the Israeli army, which may or may not be granted.

It is about 8 metres (26 feet) high. People look tiny next to it; maybe it was designed to make them feel tiny. Being humiliated and harassed by armed soldiers on a daily basis might also make you feel tiny. It might also make you want to leave your home and move elsewhere.

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