Red Wine

Red wine into glass, originally uploaded by Rune T.

Larger here.

Today, I am showcasing the work of Rune T, a Norwegian photographer who specialises in macro and studio photography.

Lots of wine pours on flickr but Rune T is very good at this kind of stuff.


Took more than 30 tries to get both the timing and pouring right – had to pour pretty fast to get the wanted effect, and therefore I missed the glass a lot.

Used a clean glass for each try since I wanted a picture without a ‘dirty’ glass. Luckily I had 6 similar glasses, so I only needed to do the dishes 5-6 times, so you can imagine that this shot took a lot of time to get the way I wanted to.

By the way; the wine was not drinkable anymore, so no good wine was wasted in the process!

One Response to “Red Wine”

  1. agarithia Says:

    it was worth the hard work though, it’s a really good picture.


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