Woman with Cigar

old woman w cigar, originally uploaded by Sara Heinrichs (awfulsara).

Tag search ‘burma’. Another great shot by Sara Heinrichs, whom I have featured on this blog several times before.

Larger here.


An old woman lights her cigar at market. Love the towel.

Many men chewed betel nut with lime (the alkaline coral kind, not the green citrus kind), wrapped in a betel leaf, sometimes with spices added . (It also causes mouth and throat cancer, but is reputed to prevent cavities, take yer pick.) Nasty bitter stuff, betel, and it stains teeth and mouth a rather dramatic dark red. They spit the juice, making a crimson stain where it hits.

Some women, on the other hand, had these hand rolled cheroots, fragrant and rich smelling, and HUGE. Strange to see a small woman with such a big cigar, but it was actually pretty common.

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