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Erm, I’m not quite sure to make of this but a well-respected Professor from the University of Connecticut believes that he has a blueprint for creating a working time machine within a decade – not to transport people (although he does believe that this is ultimately possible) but to transport neutrons. He plans to measure the ‘half-life’ of these particles after their journey through the aforementioned machine to demonstrate that they have travelled back in time.

His work has caused quite a stir because, despite being completely leftfield, it is – at least in theory – feasible; the basic underlying mathematics appear to stack. His ideas are based on an extrapolation of Einstein’s relativity theories. Einstein was able to demonstrate that gravity is the effect of a warping in the fabric of space-time. Time can therefore – at least potentially – be manipulated.

Professor Ronald Mallett believes that it is possible to warp space-time by using high-powered, circulating laser beams. He likens it to stirring up a cup of coffee – the coffee being analogous to the space inside a tunnel of circulating light. If you can stir up space, you can stir up time.

According to an interview I recently watched, Mallett’s longer-term objective is to send information back through time – to find a way of codifying messages that can travel in his machine.

It doesn’t come as too much of a surprise to learn that he is struggling to find the necessary funding to get his ideas off the ground.

For more on this bizarre story, see here.

2 Responses to “Time Travel”

  1. Summer Vacation Says:

    I really liked your blog! I have bookmarked it! Keep up the good work!

  2. joewalker123 Says:

    my comments ronald mallett should try harder to find the funding he needs in the future, people will always scared of what they dont understand, the way forward is to never look back.

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