American Beauty

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I remember being profoundly moved by the film American Beauty. The acting, cinematography and soundtrack were all superb but really it was the script that got me – the exquisite use of dramatic irony; being given a greater sense of awareness than all of the individual characters, watching intently as the plot played out, feeling omniscient and yet powerless to intervene.

And it was deep too. It questioned the nature of beauty, for example. Was Angela, the object of Lester Burnham’s infatuation, an American beauty? And what was beautiful about America? Was everything, including a plastic bag caught in a gust of wind, beautiful?

It had so many layers and symbols – and it demonstrated how much time we waste on the things that really don’t matter; how insignificant our problems are; how little we truly understand; how short, how precious and how beautiful life is. I was completely blown away. It’s fair to say that, for a while at least, it completely changed the way I looked at the world. And that haunting music, when I hear it, still takes me back there.

I told my mother about the film because I wanted her to see it for herself – this Arthur Miller play, wrapped in velvet and transported into the 21st Century. She told her friends during some coffee morning that I had been ranting about American Beauty. And their conclusion? That I was suffering from a mid-life crisis. Yeesh.

Here’s a reminder of why American Beauty was so much more than a flick about some pervy bloke in the midst of a mid-life crisis.

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