Attack on America, originally uploaded by TheMachineStops.

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Larger here.

An amateur photographer captures the second plane on the last leg of its approach, moments before impact.

Most people remember where they were on September 11th, 2001. I was at work in London. We heard that something big was going down quite quickly because of having links to businesspeople in the States. It was the end of our working day. I hurried down to the local bar to watch events unfolding on CNN, and this is the sight I saw – the second plane banking round, leaving me with the dreadful realisation of what was about to happen. This photo therefore captures the essence of my memory of that day.

I had never seen anything so dramatic or so horrific – it was just too big to get my head around. I sat there in silence, watching events unfold. I remember Stockhausen subsequently describing the attack as “Lucifer’s greatest work of art” and having a string of concerts cancelled as a consequence. It was a deeply insensitive thing to say after so many innocent people had been murdered but I understood what he meant – that it was a work of pure evil and was carefully engineered to be both symbolic and theatrical; to capture the attention of the entire world.

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