Albino, originally uploaded by MaiKoh.

Tag search ‘horse’.  I love the directness of this portrait.

4 Responses to “Cremello”

  1. Sarah Says:

    Beautiful shot, but this horse is not albino. Albino animals have red eyes. This horse is a cremello, hence the blue eyes. =]

  2. picturepost Says:

    Thanks for the info Sarah. Have changed the title. 🙂

  3. anandi Says:

    um, the horse isn’t a true albino. it’s cremello as the caption states. BEAUTIFUL pic though – regardless of terminology

  4. kirsty Says:

    this horse looks like a horse that i use to look after called ghost untill it had to be put down because of colic

    will that is what the vet said but ghost didnt actually have to be put down they just wanted to save money

    but it is a really good picture like ghost he had blue eyes and was completyly white when i looked after him

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