West Pier

Brighton West Pier on Fire, originally uploaded by jason.l.ryan.

Tag search ‘pier’. Brighton’s beautiful old West Pier goes up in smoke. Again, it’s about the documentary nature of the shot rather than the aesthetics. I note that the starlings are still congregating!

Here’s a wiki entry for the West Pier.

There have been two fires on the pier – 28th March and 12th May 2003. The West Pier Trust, which was battling to restore the beautiful, old structure to its former Victorian glory, refers to the fires as ‘the work of professional arsonists’. Arson was also suspected by the police but no detailed forensic investigation was ever mounted because it was deemed too dangerous.

It does make one wonder about motive. The phrase ‘follow the money’ springs to mind.

Despite being completely beyond repair, the West Pier still has a splendour about it even now – check out this pic for example.

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