Watching the fireworks, originally uploaded by Ayres no graces.

Tag search ‘fire’. Great moment.

Author’s comments:

Leicester Square during the Chinese New Year celebrations.

I love the expression on this woman’s face as a cloud of firework smoke engulfs the crowd, and the way she presses the youngest child into her scarf. I’d never seen a firework display in daylight before; they aren’t much to see, but the noise and the smoke are very striking. And they are what this family are reacting to.

It was a lucky capture. A gap opened up in the crowd. I saw the expression on the woman’s face, took a couple of steps towards her, and realised that if I went any closer I would distract her. So I zoomed in as close as my lens would allow and fired off a few shots. I’ve cropped the image quite hard to isolate the central family group. The shot I took a second later didn’t have the girl with the pink hood in the foreground, but the woman’s face had changed, and the photo doesn’t have the same dynamism.

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