Dark Horse

arabian horse

The Elements by Wojtek Kwiatkowski.

A fantastic picture of an Arabian horse on the hoof. The background has been ‘mottled’ out to create a more dramatic composition, which I think works really well – gives it a painterly feel.

The other Arabian horse pic I posted by this guy has been the most popular post on my blog by a long shot – and ‘arabian horses’ and ‘wild horses’ have been the two most popular search terms. So, I figured, you can never have too much of a good thing. It’s funny the things you discover when you look at blog stats.

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7 Responses to “Dark Horse”

  1. horse shirt Says:

    Why a black color horse is more impressive than the white?

  2. fikalo Says:

    beautiful photo

  3. Lauren Says:

    Wow, beautiful photo.

  4. Trouble Says:

    Wonderful and beautiful horse photo!! :~)

  5. salda Says:

    tank so much for your nice picture

  6. senthil from india Says:

    beautyful work sir,very nice

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