Camera Toss

El Rays Greatest Hits, originally uploaded by El Ray.

Larger here.

Today’s tag search was ‘camera toss’. Camera tossing is a relatively new phenomenon. The ‘tosser’ finds an interesting light source, makes sure the camera’s exposure setting is of sufficent duration and tosses the camera in the air, before hopefully catching it and viewing the results.

Personally, I think it’s a great idea. Anything that introduces an element of natural randomness into art can only be good. I also like the idea of it being the record of a journey through space and time.

If you want to know more about camera tossing, then this blog might prove useful. It contains instructions for beginners and a mini ‘how to’ guide.

3 Responses to “Camera Toss”

  1. Ted Fisher Says:

    These are really beautiful. Just great images….


  2. mike larson Says:

    sweet, those are crazy sweet images! we do a little bit of a different camera toss

    check it out scroll down to camera toss, check out the video on

  3. The Tunnel « Picture Post Says:

    […] search ‘tunnel’. This is a slightly different take on the camera toss phenomenon, which I documented earlier. It is a shot of a fan that has LED lights on the blades – so the source moves rather than the […]

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