Old Lady of Rome

old woman

Untitled by by Michael Ging.

Michael has an extensive online portfolio.

This is a fantastic, unstaged shot. The author provides the following notes:

I first saw this woman in St. Peters Square in Rome during the day. People would come up to her and kneel with her to pray, and then they would give her some money. I did not think it was the right time or place to photograph her, so I went on my way. The woman was very small (about 3 ft tall) and had clubbed feet. I never saw her face. As I was going to dinner, as the sun was setting, I was walking down this street as she was walking up. The light was beautiful, giving texture to the cobble stone street. I took 4 photos as she passed me. I then gave a shop keeper who was watching me photograph her 5 euros, which he gave to her. I felt with the beautiful light that God wanted me to take this photo. I do not mean this in a religous sense; sometimes when I am taking a photo everything goes perfect and you get this great feeling that you did things right. It was like because I did not take the photo in the square, I was given another chance – with better light.

Taking a really great photograph can sometimes verge on feeling like a spiritual experience so I can kind of relate to that…

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