Ceci n’est pas une Pomme

Untitled, originally uploaded by t³ – try to touch.

Larger here.

Title translated is ‘this is not an apple’ – referring to a work of art by René Magritte.

Today’s tag search was ‘apples’. This image is not a photoshop trick – it is a long exposure, where the shutter remains open for 20 seconds and the apple at the front is removed after 10 seconds. This gives the impression of it being between two states – between being there and not being there. Like a quantum apple.

Apples have become symbolic of so much: of forbidden knowledge; of Isaac Newton and the laws of gravity; of the Beatles, flower power and artistic freedom; of one of the most amazing cities in the world; of highly desireable consumer technology…

Not bad for a piece of fruit – much more successful than plums.

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