Life on Mars


Find your Own Way to Mars by !.keesssss.!.

Continuing the watery theme – a lovely macro shot of a dandelion head, which has been strategically adorned with water droplets.

Speaking of Mars, NASA is currently gearing up for its next mission to Mars; the most crucial step so far in its evolving strategy to ‘follow the water’.

This from the NASA Web site:

Instead of roving to hills or craters, NASA’s Phoenix Mars Lander will claw down into the icy soil of the Red Planet’s northern plains. The robot will investigate whether frozen water near the Martian surface might periodically melt enough to sustain a livable environment for microbes.

This is partly down to an interesting discovery on earth by an international group of scientists who believe that:

Living microbes found in what could be 1 million-year-old ice on a remote Arctic island support the theory that the frozen planet Mars could also sustain life.

I find it hard to fathom how we are able to send robotic, information-gathering devices to a planet that is at best 35 million miles away, and use its instruments and telemetry to discover whether or not there are micro-organisms living in ice samples buried beneath the planet’s surface.

Quite frankly, it beggars belief. Some mornings, I have trouble tying my shoelaces.

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