Down and Out


Game Over by Tomm Hansen.

Larger version here.

Fantastic decisive moment sports shot, which caused me to create a new category – documentary.

When going through the archive of shots posted, I was forced to decide on what was and what was not a documentary photograph. It’s not a very exact science so I just did my best based on my personal understanding of the genre.

Wiki offers this definition:

Documentary photography usually refers to a type of professional photojournalism, but it may also be an amateur or student pursuit. The photographer attempts to produce truthful, objective, and usually candid photography of a particular subject, most often pictures of people. The Pictures usually depict a certain perspective of the Photographer.

Usually such photographs are meant for publication, but are sometimes only for exhibition in an art gallery or other public forum. Sometimes an organization or company will commission documentary photography of its activities, but the pictures will only be for its private archives.

My understanding of the genre comes largely from exposure to Magnum Photos.

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