Wild Horses

wild horses

The Elements by Wojtek Kwiatkowski.

This guy has a fantastic collection of arabian horse portraits.

And here’s a You Tube photo montage set to the original acoustic demo of that most beautiful of Stones tracks, which I have discovered is relatively easy to pick up on the guitar, although to play it with finesse is much harder.

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39 Responses to “Wild Horses”

  1. emad Says:


  2. Dark Horse « Picture Post Says:

    […] The other Arabian horse pic I posted by this guy has been the most popular post on my blog by a long shot – and ‘arabian horses’ has been the most popular search term. […]

  3. sheila!!! Says:

    weno!! primero k nah mui linda!! la pintura!! jijij
    ia xaito0 o bye bye

  4. Eric Says:

    I’m a painter and one of the positive consequences of the web is to find material to work on,wich I find by this picture,thanks


  5. Gabriella Says:

    Hello, can i use your pictures on my internet play stable http://www.stallet.se? hug Gabriella.

  6. picturepost Says:

    Hello Gabriella – most of the photos on this blog do not belong to me. You will need to follow the link (click on the user name below the photo) and ask the author directly. Hope that helps. 🙂

  7. horse shirt Says:

    Very fantastic picture to be set on desktop. Background idea is very nice.

  8. Jo Says:


  9. sonia Says:

    this is so beautiful

  10. JoJo Says:

    THAT’S a DRAWING?!!!! omg, that’s A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!! It look like it’s real!

  11. picturepost Says:

    No JoJo – it’s a photo! The background has been ‘photoshopped’ out to make the composition more impactful. 🙂

  12. Jagged Says:

    Wow… this picture never ceases to amaze me… its just so beautiful! I am jealous of your tallent and the artistry you have in this picture. Try national geographic or something, you have talent. If you are not out there, then get out there!

  13. tamara Says:

    it is lovely to put on my howrse game and my background

  14. OMG JL!!!!!1 Says:

    OMG I HAVE A ARAB THAT LOOKS IDENTICEL T OTHAT PIC HOLY MOLY LMAO my horses name is midnite and he is jet black with a snip and 2 soxz at the back fetlocks lamo this is so kewl !!!!!!!!

  15. johanna Says:

    wow fantastic isn´t it i love horses more than anything in the world!!!

  16. JGmlSR Says:

    WOW!!! it looks like it’s cutting (riderless obviously)

  17. dawnofthehorsewarriors Says:

    plz go 2 http://www.freewebs.com/dawnofthehorsewarriors if you like horses!

  18. wild medlar Says:

    this is an amazing pic! u are soooooooo majorly talented! good job!

  19. Emily Says:

    I loooooooooooove that horse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Im going to this camp where I’ll ride arabian horses!!!!

    u r seriusly talanted

  20. Jeanie Says:


  21. kylee Says:

    Hi Wojtec,
    I Live in Australia came accross your photography.The most beautiful images of horses I have ever seen.Absalutely AMAZING!I Love what you do.
    I am an artist and I was wondering if I could paint one of your images.I am happy to Pay you something for it.
    What do you think.
    Kylee xo

  22. basel Says:

    this is very beautifu horse

  23. manujarch Says:

    This looks more animated than a movie.

  24. Tim Says:

    Hi I was wondering if this picture is copywrited because i would really like to do a painting on it. it is a very beautiful picture and i would love if you could get back to me. Thanks, Tim

  25. picturepost Says:

    Tim – you’ll have to ask the author, click on the image to go to his page.

  26. Heather Abounader Says:

    The photographer that took this image is immensely talented! you should check out his site if you love arabian horses!

    Heather Abounader

  27. rosy Says:


  28. Alice Says:


  29. hannah Says:

    that’s so cool. I love horses

  30. alain gabriel Says:

    “And here’s a You Tube photo montage set to the original acoustic demo of that most beautiful of Stones tracks, “:

    This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by ABKCO

  31. aqeel Says:

    I had a very nice collection of Horses portraits, any one interested may visit site http://www.giryahorses.com

  32. Julie Says:

    hi..x) its a very beautiful horse.. I love the picture.. 😉 so..?..Hmm.? you know.? Perfect.? or something..? i dont know how to discribe it.. Its just incredible…!..

  33. Graystar Says:

    i love it i collect horses as well as cats

  34. selvin Says:

    Por lo que puedo observar soy el primero que escribe en español.

    pero en realidad la fotografia de este caballo esta genial.
    y felicito al que realizo este arte. soy de guatemala centro america y siempre me han gustado los caballos y espero algundia poder tener uno de estos ejemplares.

    selvin, Guatemala c.a.

  35. PonyJumper73 Says:

    WOW that is AMAZING!!!! I MEAN CRAZY BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!! =)

  36. Breeze Says:

    Thats a really COOL picture… It’s my desk top…

  37. cjdhfsnd Says:

    that horse has some great hind muscles. it would be amazing to have it under me as we move together as one. to have that power is likea dream come true for any horse lover. he looks amazing.

  38. barry smythe Says:

    i have it as my desk top i love it , it never stops to keep my attention each time i look at it i,m taken to so many places, with the image its movement, is superb, and would love to ride naked on a long cool evening , with the waves cascading against the both of us as one.

  39. Tiffany Roseanne Carey Says:

    I love horses when i was a little kid and i still do love horses adn i what a horses someday but i have to have a from to have a horse

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