Holy Water

Banho Santo, originally uploaded by Paulgi.

Larger version here.

This is one of my firm favourites on Flickr because, like all really good documentary photographs, it has a story behind it that sets off the image.

The author provides these notes:

The traditional festival in São Bartolomeu do Mar (Portugal), occurs throughout August and culminates on the 24th with the famous ‘Banho Santo’ (Holy Bath), which the locals believe has the power to protect children’s health and alleviate sickness.

It looks like it’s a slightly more joyous experience for the man than it is for the boy!

3 Responses to “Holy Water”

  1. Krsjn Says:

    That’s an awesome photo – it looks like an HDR. Is it?

  2. picturepost Says:

    Don’t think so – I reckon it’s been ‘dodged’ in photoshop, which gives it that halo effect.

  3. A Moment in Time « Picture Post Says:

    […] Here’s the original pic, which I previously posted – one of my all time favourites on flickr. […]

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